Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm posting! How long has it been? Oh, ya, before Disneyland, unless you count my small post as a real post... I'm sure most of you don't though. Oh so much has happened, I cut my hair, it's now less than half the length it was. I started driving school, I even started driving! I've been thinking, a lot, about my future, realising that I can't always be a kid, sadly. OK really I've been thinking about that for longer I only just wanted to put that in now. I also put new memory in my computer. (yay!)

It was interesting living in Arizona, seeing the differences in everything, for one, a lot less drivers feel the need to run yellow lights, isn't that amazing?! He He. But seriously living in the trailer made me realise I don't need big fancy things to be happy, or houses, in fact life was easy there, maybe even easier than here. Oh and the sunsets! I would say most nights there were even more beautiful than any night here, I'm sorry Utah, but it's the truth.

Disneyland was fun, but not the best trip. And I don't mean to sound lazy but, staying in the trailer was just to much work. I mean, when you're on vacation you don't want to have to get up early with animals and take them on walks so they can let loose right? But it was still fun, it was nice to be back after a year and a half (or something like that) to the place I call my 3rd home. (Moab is my second home!) I also found my favorite restaurant in Disneyland, La Brea Bakery, well that's how I think you spell it anyways. And I also cut my hair while we were there.

After we left Cali, the drive home was pretty fun, at least the second half was! We ate junk food, (almost unheard of at our house) watched movies, sat around all day, doesn't that sound awesome?!? Once we were home, we set up the trailer got a few things unpacked and since we had been sitting around all day we were all very tired so we took it easy the rest of the night.

Since then, I got into driving school and that's alright, the only thing I dislike about it is the chairs they make us sit on. I started driving as well, with my dad I do fine, but with my mom she gets freaky and that kinda freaks me out a little too. I have not started Tennis yet, but I'm hoping to start soon. And oh ya, it's good to be back!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

He He

I'm a Blolacker. =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Oh wow! I can't believe this guy. How can someone be so selfish and deprive their valued readers of all the fun, laughs, and happiness that he always brings?!? I'll tell you! He doesn't feel like it.

Anyways I have been tagged so I better do that...

Fave things?
More Tennis
And those times where you're just like Wow! Cool!

Fave movies!
Well I think it goes without saying that I have an awesome choice in good movies... Just so you all know...
Nacho, Duh
Stargate is up there but not in my fave 5
Stand By Me
And although I can't remember the name of this last movie I will always remember it. I was directed by a Mr. Buddy Zaks. Staring the same dude. The plot involves a hero, a damsel in distress, and an evil Giant Squid trying to kill the President! Co-directed by Earl Hickey.

Fave books?
The Historian
Water For Elephants
Cherub (all of them)
It's not a book, but I like other blogs!
And I really liked the book The Bean Trees
I'm sorry for not making to many jokes about books, but they are very SERIOUS!!!

Fave places!
Disneyland, I guess...
Moab again (it's just so amazing it needs 2 spots)
Inside Jeeps in Moab
And the Bahamas!

Now Who Do I Tag?
Anyone and everyone! As long as that's just 5 people.

OK I guess I should also say what's beed goin' on down here.

I started Tennis (that's why it's one of my fave 5s!) and I'm really liking it so far... Probably 'cause I'm the best one there! But, I don't really need to tell you all that.

I'm getting Excited for Disneyland, but, who wouldn't? Oh, I know who, but I'm nice enough not to say their name. 'Cause they would be horribly scrutinised.

I've been reading tons, I've finished a lot of books, probably 7ish, but I've lost count.

Hm, I guess that's all I have to say. Bye Bye!

Sorry dad, Guess you can't put me on your Blolackers list. =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Guess how many school buses we saw in 5 minutes? Any ideas? 29! Wow! Isn't that weird? My mom had just picked me up from the rec. center and we were going home and we started to see a lot of school buses, so we stared counting and what do ya know, we got all the way to 29 within 5 minutes, It's a new person record! for all of us I mean, not just me.

Something else cool happened, the day I got my new game that my aunt was holding hostage and made a Ransom for it, we also got Wii Fit. And I must say it is pretty cool, weird though, 'cause I guess I'm a little heavier than I should be, but I promise it's all muscle! It has a bunch of game you can play, yoga, it even has you run in place! so far only Kays has done that and when she does it the whole trailer shakes! Like an earth quake or something, quite funny. It also has skiing, and this game where your Mii is in a bubble and you shift your weight to make it move, but be careful... it can pop! I personally do more yoga than anything else but I've only played it 2 times. But ya, it's really fun and everyone should get it!

Hm... What else...? Oh! my dad will be coming back very soon, so that's really cool, and I also need to ask him something, since the TV in here is getting the signals from over the wave(?) will we still be able to watch when everything goes digital? I sure hope so! Or else someone is going to pay... For a satellite dish!!!

Um, well I think that's about it for now, I'm feelin' a little tired so I really should stop. alright good bye I guess. Hope everything is going good 'cause it is down here. OK, I guess bye then... You know how sometimes when you're on the phone and someone says they need to go but they keep putting it off? Isn't that so annoying? Like they say they have to go but then they try and wait till last possible second to hang up, it's just kinda weird. Anyways bye!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

M&M's Premiums

Have absolutely nothing to do with this post, but they are very good!!!(I'm eating some now) Kinda like how Dijon mustard is better than regular mustard, but this post isn't about mustard either.
This post, like the last 2, (or 3, or 4, I don't really remember) are about life in sunny Arizona, and all the happenings of live in a trailer. Remember how we all thought our trailer is huge? Well there are quite a few of trailers roughly the same size as our humble abode. Seriously?!? Yep, surely truly! But yeah it's kinda cool.
Oh and I made the coolest thing ever!!! I put a piece of gold fencing up between where the slide out in my room and a ledge where the door going into my closet is, so I have another shelf! Brilliant! I put my laundry up there in case anyone was wondering, I'm sure you were.
Oh plus we went to this garden place with glass sculptures(?), crazy looking spiky agave plants, and other plants from almost every corner of the world! Except The Arctic, 'cause, you know, nothing really grows there except penguins, but they didn't have any so I was a little mad about that.
Um, still haven't gone to any home school stuff, but I have been going to the MRMC (the rec. center) and I am really liking it there except the wrist band thingies that I have to wear every time, but still cool!
And really the only other thing I can think of right now is that I'm getting a new game that's really old so that's cool!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm excited that I've finally found a way to cook tofu in a way that tastes good! The secret? Frying it in butter, salt, and cayenne pepper. It's really just that easy! But it took a while to cook... Oh well, it was worth it! It tasted so amazingly good, not to toot my own horn or anything...

Anyways, things have been crazy down here, it's the first week we haven't had my dad down here over the weekend, it seems to be hardest on my sister, poor Kays. We've been doing a lot too, we just got a bunch of good movies to watch, Stand By Me, Lars And The Real Girl, Ferris Buler's Day Off, and Ghost Town. All VERY good movies, I'm not sure I could say one is the best, they're all just so good! Sorry if I spelled some of the words wrong, but I'm home schooled so it's OK! =)

Well that's how it's been down here, in the warm, well, REALLY warm weather... 75 degrees!!! He he. And I'm loving the rec. center down here, more than Dimple Dell. ...I felt dirty saying that... And I don't know about the home school groups down here, my mom said one of the groups is like a bunch of hippies, and the other ones have only done one thing since we got down here, a Spelling Bee, glad I didn't go to that!!! But I am a lot happier down here, it seems like everything is perfect for me, this is kinda life I can see myself living, laid back, calm, just everything I need to be happy!

Alrighty, that's about it. Over and out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Been Busy....

That's the reason I haven't posted in so long, about Christmas, about new years, and even about lovely Arizona! Plus I just didn't feel like it. Anyways all that stuff has made my life very hectic, and unorganised. Now I'm not saying they weren't amazing, not by a long shot! But they were stressful, I'm sure all of you understand, me being a teenager and having to clean? No way!!! But there was a lot of cleaning to be done and I had little choice in the matter.

Christmas was fun, being around family, opening gifts, (like clothes! lots and lots of clothes!) seeing my sister excited over a 2 dollar gift that she has been wanting for a VERY long time, all great things that make me feel just fuzzy inside! And the family reunion was quite interesting, I'm pretty sure a lot of the people there didn't even know who I was anymore 'cause of my hair! =)

New Year's Eve was interesting. Driving, driving, and more driving, only to find that the Walmart we were going to stay at was one of the few Walmarts in the world to not allow people to boon dock at was funny, so we had to drive around looking for the new best thing, which turned out to be pretty nice, considering we were all alone in the corner of a parking lot specifically for boon dockers. I think I was awake until 11pm Mesquite time approximately 12 Utah time. So, you know, it kinda counts right...?

The horrific events that follow our arrival to Arizona include: The stupid dogs freaking out at every person and dog the walks by, multiple leaks that caused us to replace an entire toilet, and complete emotional breakdowns by most of the people living in the trailer. It was a good learning experience, (I guess 'cause I've been raised as a home schooler I see everything as a learning experience) I had to do many more things that I have had to do in the past, most concerning the trailer, a few things concerning mental break downs, like how to do a psycho-analysis of how my mom's mind works. But over all I would have to say I am really enjoying myself down here, I do miss my big bed that help my back though... And Dimple Dell. (the rec. center near our house)

Anyways, I'll keep all of you posted about all the stuff coming up like the rec. center we're going to that has a super long name that I can't remember at the moment, and the home school groups, should be interesting like everything else!!!