Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Been Busy....

That's the reason I haven't posted in so long, about Christmas, about new years, and even about lovely Arizona! Plus I just didn't feel like it. Anyways all that stuff has made my life very hectic, and unorganised. Now I'm not saying they weren't amazing, not by a long shot! But they were stressful, I'm sure all of you understand, me being a teenager and having to clean? No way!!! But there was a lot of cleaning to be done and I had little choice in the matter.

Christmas was fun, being around family, opening gifts, (like clothes! lots and lots of clothes!) seeing my sister excited over a 2 dollar gift that she has been wanting for a VERY long time, all great things that make me feel just fuzzy inside! And the family reunion was quite interesting, I'm pretty sure a lot of the people there didn't even know who I was anymore 'cause of my hair! =)

New Year's Eve was interesting. Driving, driving, and more driving, only to find that the Walmart we were going to stay at was one of the few Walmarts in the world to not allow people to boon dock at was funny, so we had to drive around looking for the new best thing, which turned out to be pretty nice, considering we were all alone in the corner of a parking lot specifically for boon dockers. I think I was awake until 11pm Mesquite time approximately 12 Utah time. So, you know, it kinda counts right...?

The horrific events that follow our arrival to Arizona include: The stupid dogs freaking out at every person and dog the walks by, multiple leaks that caused us to replace an entire toilet, and complete emotional breakdowns by most of the people living in the trailer. It was a good learning experience, (I guess 'cause I've been raised as a home schooler I see everything as a learning experience) I had to do many more things that I have had to do in the past, most concerning the trailer, a few things concerning mental break downs, like how to do a psycho-analysis of how my mom's mind works. But over all I would have to say I am really enjoying myself down here, I do miss my big bed that help my back though... And Dimple Dell. (the rec. center near our house)

Anyways, I'll keep all of you posted about all the stuff coming up like the rec. center we're going to that has a super long name that I can't remember at the moment, and the home school groups, should be interesting like everything else!!!


Kim Bringhurst said...

Good post. You have a gift for summing things up just right.

Hola I'm Jeff said...

hopefully the Rec. Center down there will be as nice as Dimple Dell.

Staci Swainston said...

I didn't know you had a sister? Do you guys have a secret sibling you're keeping from us??? =)

Mindi said...

Christmas eve was so much fun!! I hope you're having fun down there. You and I will have to go on a run together when we get to Moab!!! That should definately beat Dimple Dell rec.