Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm excited that I've finally found a way to cook tofu in a way that tastes good! The secret? Frying it in butter, salt, and cayenne pepper. It's really just that easy! But it took a while to cook... Oh well, it was worth it! It tasted so amazingly good, not to toot my own horn or anything...

Anyways, things have been crazy down here, it's the first week we haven't had my dad down here over the weekend, it seems to be hardest on my sister, poor Kays. We've been doing a lot too, we just got a bunch of good movies to watch, Stand By Me, Lars And The Real Girl, Ferris Buler's Day Off, and Ghost Town. All VERY good movies, I'm not sure I could say one is the best, they're all just so good! Sorry if I spelled some of the words wrong, but I'm home schooled so it's OK! =)

Well that's how it's been down here, in the warm, well, REALLY warm weather... 75 degrees!!! He he. And I'm loving the rec. center down here, more than Dimple Dell. ...I felt dirty saying that... And I don't know about the home school groups down here, my mom said one of the groups is like a bunch of hippies, and the other ones have only done one thing since we got down here, a Spelling Bee, glad I didn't go to that!!! But I am a lot happier down here, it seems like everything is perfect for me, this is kinda life I can see myself living, laid back, calm, just everything I need to be happy!

Alrighty, that's about it. Over and out!


Kim Bringhurst said...

You're homeschooled so it's okay?!? You just bought yourself a month of spelling drills Mr. Smarty Pants!!!

Oh, and I'm glad you are happy here.

grannybringhurst said...

Hi Brit. Glad you are happy down there but don't forget there are people up here who love and miss you and I don't mean just your dad. Have a good time. Love you.

kay said...

Glad you are happy. We miss you here. Love the Austin Martin One-77.