Tuesday, January 27, 2009

M&M's Premiums

Have absolutely nothing to do with this post, but they are very good!!!(I'm eating some now) Kinda like how Dijon mustard is better than regular mustard, but this post isn't about mustard either.
This post, like the last 2, (or 3, or 4, I don't really remember) are about life in sunny Arizona, and all the happenings of live in a trailer. Remember how we all thought our trailer is huge? Well there are quite a few of trailers roughly the same size as our humble abode. Seriously?!? Yep, surely truly! But yeah it's kinda cool.
Oh and I made the coolest thing ever!!! I put a piece of gold fencing up between where the slide out in my room and a ledge where the door going into my closet is, so I have another shelf! Brilliant! I put my laundry up there in case anyone was wondering, I'm sure you were.
Oh plus we went to this garden place with glass sculptures(?), crazy looking spiky agave plants, and other plants from almost every corner of the world! Except The Arctic, 'cause, you know, nothing really grows there except penguins, but they didn't have any so I was a little mad about that.
Um, still haven't gone to any home school stuff, but I have been going to the MRMC (the rec. center) and I am really liking it there except the wrist band thingies that I have to wear every time, but still cool!
And really the only other thing I can think of right now is that I'm getting a new game that's really old so that's cool!


Jenifer said...

I have your game and am holding it hostage. You must pay me 5 12 packs of Dr. Pepper to retrieve it.

Kim Bringhurst said...

You must have sensed his desperation to ask such a high ransom for the game! Five twelve packs of Dr. P will seriously cut into his savings... unless we go to Food Town for them... or maybe Costco.