Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Guess how many school buses we saw in 5 minutes? Any ideas? 29! Wow! Isn't that weird? My mom had just picked me up from the rec. center and we were going home and we started to see a lot of school buses, so we stared counting and what do ya know, we got all the way to 29 within 5 minutes, It's a new person record! for all of us I mean, not just me.

Something else cool happened, the day I got my new game that my aunt was holding hostage and made a Ransom for it, we also got Wii Fit. And I must say it is pretty cool, weird though, 'cause I guess I'm a little heavier than I should be, but I promise it's all muscle! It has a bunch of game you can play, yoga, it even has you run in place! so far only Kays has done that and when she does it the whole trailer shakes! Like an earth quake or something, quite funny. It also has skiing, and this game where your Mii is in a bubble and you shift your weight to make it move, but be careful... it can pop! I personally do more yoga than anything else but I've only played it 2 times. But ya, it's really fun and everyone should get it!

Hm... What else...? Oh! my dad will be coming back very soon, so that's really cool, and I also need to ask him something, since the TV in here is getting the signals from over the wave(?) will we still be able to watch when everything goes digital? I sure hope so! Or else someone is going to pay... For a satellite dish!!!

Um, well I think that's about it for now, I'm feelin' a little tired so I really should stop. alright good bye I guess. Hope everything is going good 'cause it is down here. OK, I guess bye then... You know how sometimes when you're on the phone and someone says they need to go but they keep putting it off? Isn't that so annoying? Like they say they have to go but then they try and wait till last possible second to hang up, it's just kinda weird. Anyways bye!


Kim Bringhurst said...

Did you know that the gathering of school buses is one of the signs of THE END OF DAYS?!!! I'm kidding about that... or am I?

Jenifer said...

I never got my ransom.....but you got your game. What is wrong with this picture?