Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Oh wow! I can't believe this guy. How can someone be so selfish and deprive their valued readers of all the fun, laughs, and happiness that he always brings?!? I'll tell you! He doesn't feel like it.

Anyways I have been tagged so I better do that...

Fave things?
More Tennis
And those times where you're just like Wow! Cool!

Fave movies!
Well I think it goes without saying that I have an awesome choice in good movies... Just so you all know...
Nacho, Duh
Stargate is up there but not in my fave 5
Stand By Me
And although I can't remember the name of this last movie I will always remember it. I was directed by a Mr. Buddy Zaks. Staring the same dude. The plot involves a hero, a damsel in distress, and an evil Giant Squid trying to kill the President! Co-directed by Earl Hickey.

Fave books?
The Historian
Water For Elephants
Cherub (all of them)
It's not a book, but I like other blogs!
And I really liked the book The Bean Trees
I'm sorry for not making to many jokes about books, but they are very SERIOUS!!!

Fave places!
Disneyland, I guess...
Moab again (it's just so amazing it needs 2 spots)
Inside Jeeps in Moab
And the Bahamas!

Now Who Do I Tag?
Anyone and everyone! As long as that's just 5 people.

OK I guess I should also say what's beed goin' on down here.

I started Tennis (that's why it's one of my fave 5s!) and I'm really liking it so far... Probably 'cause I'm the best one there! But, I don't really need to tell you all that.

I'm getting Excited for Disneyland, but, who wouldn't? Oh, I know who, but I'm nice enough not to say their name. 'Cause they would be horribly scrutinised.

I've been reading tons, I've finished a lot of books, probably 7ish, but I've lost count.

Hm, I guess that's all I have to say. Bye Bye!

Sorry dad, Guess you can't put me on your Blolackers list. =)


Kim Bringhurst said...

Well good! I'm glad my lessons in self confidence and smuggness have been put into practice with you!

grannybringhurst said...

Sorry you don't like Moab or did I get that backwards. Have fun at Disneyland. We are looking forward to seeing you again.