Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm posting! How long has it been? Oh, ya, before Disneyland, unless you count my small post as a real post... I'm sure most of you don't though. Oh so much has happened, I cut my hair, it's now less than half the length it was. I started driving school, I even started driving! I've been thinking, a lot, about my future, realising that I can't always be a kid, sadly. OK really I've been thinking about that for longer I only just wanted to put that in now. I also put new memory in my computer. (yay!)

It was interesting living in Arizona, seeing the differences in everything, for one, a lot less drivers feel the need to run yellow lights, isn't that amazing?! He He. But seriously living in the trailer made me realise I don't need big fancy things to be happy, or houses, in fact life was easy there, maybe even easier than here. Oh and the sunsets! I would say most nights there were even more beautiful than any night here, I'm sorry Utah, but it's the truth.

Disneyland was fun, but not the best trip. And I don't mean to sound lazy but, staying in the trailer was just to much work. I mean, when you're on vacation you don't want to have to get up early with animals and take them on walks so they can let loose right? But it was still fun, it was nice to be back after a year and a half (or something like that) to the place I call my 3rd home. (Moab is my second home!) I also found my favorite restaurant in Disneyland, La Brea Bakery, well that's how I think you spell it anyways. And I also cut my hair while we were there.

After we left Cali, the drive home was pretty fun, at least the second half was! We ate junk food, (almost unheard of at our house) watched movies, sat around all day, doesn't that sound awesome?!? Once we were home, we set up the trailer got a few things unpacked and since we had been sitting around all day we were all very tired so we took it easy the rest of the night.

Since then, I got into driving school and that's alright, the only thing I dislike about it is the chairs they make us sit on. I started driving as well, with my dad I do fine, but with my mom she gets freaky and that kinda freaks me out a little too. I have not started Tennis yet, but I'm hoping to start soon. And oh ya, it's good to be back!


Jenifer said...

Welcome back! Growing up is hard...but 16! Can't believe it! Arizona misses you too. And you are right, you just can't beat an AZ sunset.

Kim Bringhurst said...

I miss those sunsets too! And I told you it was better to let your dad teach you to drive!!!