Monday, September 29, 2008

(No Title)

Well, hey, everyone! How's life going for everyone? Mine has been busy! What with home school and stuff, my debate class is going good, pretty tough though. This week I have to write a speech using "Ethos," and for those of you that don't know what that is, it's Good Sense, Good Character, and Good Will, so I have to write a speech and make it seem like I'm nice person, shouldn't be way to hard. I hope. Last week was really hard though, I had to write a speech on whether Communism or Democracy would be better for a small nation of 1000. That one was hard, but I think I did a pretty good job! I chose Communism 'cause I thought it would be harder, and believe me it was! But I still think Democracy is still better, I like my freedom. Anyways, today my mom, my sister, my uncle Jophess (Joe), and I went to see the movie, Ghost Town. Probably the best comedy I have seen this year, in the Theater. I'm really surprised at how little it made in it's first week, with how funny it is. Oh well I guess not all movies can make tons of money. Well let's see, what else is new? Oh ya! I got this card thing that says I can work out in the weight room at Dimple Dell, so that's pretty cool! Except when your little sister gets hurt and has to wait for you, that kinda sucks but it's only happened once! So I'm not gonna worry about that. Well I guess that's about all that's new with me! See ya.


Hola I'm Jeff said...

Go Democracy... and lifting weights. Woo hoo

kimb said...

You're becoming a master-debater!