Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Don't Really Know...

I don't really know what to blog about. So I guess I'll just talk about what's new! But there are only a few things to talk about so this might just be a short post. And by telling you all of this I'm making it that much longer, woo! Anyways I'll start off with blogging stuff, there are a couple new people on my blog list as of today.

My aunt Mindi has a blog about her family, and also her son, and my cousin Tanner has a blog. I swear this blogging thing is sweeping across the family like an epidemic! just a few more family members and we'll all be in on it! Back to the subject of new.

As of this morning I can now work out in the gym at Dimple Dell. I had to take a test and go to a class thingy to be able to even go in there. I'm proud to say I aced the test with a perfect 6 out of 6 questions!

I got this awesome update for my burnout game, I can now race motorcycles which is a first for all burnout games, and it now has a weather pattern, so I'm not always just racing at day and in the sun, it dose make it a bit more difficult, but all in all much more enjoyable.

I saved best for last!

Ready for this?

You sure?

Here it goes!

The best news of all!

(no offence Mindi or tanner)

EA Games is Finally making a Red Alert 3!!!!!! It looks so good! the graphics look amazing, the game play looks awesome, the storyline seems like it'll be great. And just in case you don't know I'm REALLY excited about it, it looks like a great game!

OK well that's about it for now, I hope all of you are as excited as I am!


kimb said...

I have to be honest and say that I don't think I am as excited as you are. I guess we all have our favorite things.

Kaylee said...

Cool cool! Hope you like it!