Thursday, August 21, 2008

Men's Tag

Alright. I have seen a bunch of "Tags" and have even been tagged before. I want to start a men's only tag. This may be short lived (I only know 3 other male bloggers) but what the hell.Here are the rules:Answer all the questions (honestly but preferable humorously).Then tag any other males that blog.

How many guns do you own? 2, even though I'm not a gun person!

Ginger or Maryann? Who...?

Do you change your the oil in car or does Jiffy Lube (or other oil changing place)? My dad takes care of it

Riding mower or push behind? Riding, duh!

Favorite drink? Fresh orange juice

What is the size of your TV screen? Well the biggest in the house is 51"

Favorite Professional sports team? Um, Lakers...? ha ha no my dad would disown me if i said that

Would you jump from an airplane? If my secret service called for it

Yard work or working on a car? CAR!!!!!

Best Pizza? Not Domino's...

What was the last animal you killed (on purpose)? I don't remember, woo!

If you could play one professional sport, what would it be? Speed walking!!! No probably track and field

Last CD you bought? Linkin Park, live in Texas, great CD

3 favorite TV stations? Sci Fi, Discovery, and something else...

Lazy boy or couch? Lazy boy

How many pillows do you sleep with? 4

When was the last time you were at Cabela's? about 3 months ago i think

Favorite car you have owned? well I've only ever own my Cherokee, and its an awesome car!

Do you have a DVR? What size? there is 3 in the house but none of them are mine

Boxers or briefs? hm either or

Work out or watch sports? work out

Do you have any dead animals hanging on your walls? no! I don't support that

Do you have to trim your ear hair? nope

Tattoos? (Optional) yes, right on my...

Ever been arrested? (Optional) 3 times, but to be fare there were never my fault!
Nate, Scott, sorry you've been tagged again


kimb said...

Oh, I know why you didn't list that 3rd fav tv station... it's because it's the E! channel isn't it?!?

Hola I'm Jeff said...


Jenifer said...

You don't know who Ginger or Maryann are? You need to google....