Monday, July 21, 2008


I was cleaning out my bed side table and found something i hadn't seen in a lot time. A letter that I received in the mail earlier this year from the NMMI. "What's that," you say? The New Mexico Military Institute. I know! Me of all people to get a letter from a military camp. The first letter reads;

January 2, 2008

(this letter came for my dad and had our address on it but I'm not going to be giving that away)

Dear Jeff:

There is, of course, something for which our community is known - Roswell is home to internationally celebrated New Mexico Military Institute. As the Mayor of Roswell, New Mexico I have been asked to write to a select group of young people. Your child is among those select few we believe demonstrate the ability, desire, and motivation to pursue a NMMI education.

Why New Mexico Military Institute? If your child, like the cadets at NMMI, strives for academic excellence, he or she will find a home at NMMI. If your child is motivated to develop character and positive leadership skills, he or she will find hundreds of kindred spirits. Every cadet at NMMI is challenged to meet physical performance and development benchmarks that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Your child's educational experience should be life changing. That experience should open up opportunities and new and exciting paths that he or she would not experience otherwise. And while your child should be academically challenged to excel in and beyond the classroom, his or her education should also provide him or her the time to experience life in a growing and vibrant community - Roswell! Yes, NMMI is challenging, but it should also be fun! And there are countless opportunities to explore the natural environment of New Mexico for your child.

Should your child choose to participate in on-campus activities, each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon he or she can take part in physical activities such as drill team, paint ball, self-defence and the like to more mentally demanding activities such as chess, ham radio, study options, and more. Additionally, NMMI's three Centers of Excellence (Toles Learning, Daniels Leadership, and Godfrey Athletic) may offer other experiences to further enhance the education and training initiatives embedded in NMMI's learning process. If your child is up to the challenge, the future leadership opportunities available to him or her are unlimited.

For many, a New Mexico Military Institute education will remain a dream. For a select few, that education will become a reality. I hope your child is among the students who take the next step to explore the benefits of a NMMI education. To do so you need only to return the enclosed postage paid reply card and a NMMI professional will contact you. If you prefer, you may also contact NMMI at (web site and phone number). And, of course, when you visit NMMI, I hope you will take the opportunity to explore Roswell and the surrounding area!

Best wishes,

(Sam LaGrone's signature)

Sam LaGrone

Well, what do you think? When I showed it to my mom I told her that I had been looking at this place and that I wanted to go, she was in shock. VERY funny, I got her good, he he. Course I really didn't want to go, never sounded like a good time to me. Alrighty everyone, let's hear your thoughts about this? funny? weird? what? lol


kimb said...

I think you'd have to cut your hair to go to this place :)

Anonymous said...

do you need some advice from someone that goes there

Anonymous said...

do you need some advice from someone that goes there