Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Weekend Of Fun, Sun, And A Whole Lotta Mishaps

As I'm sure most of you know my family went on a trip up to East Cannion. We started packing the day before we left, but we didn't get much done, I guess we weren't in the mood to pack. The next day we got up and it was crazy, we had to get almost all of the packing done in about 3 or 4 hours. It's amazing what you can get done within a small period of time. We had to pack our clothes, pack the food, (lots and lots of food) pack the truck, pack the boat, and run errands. Again I say, very crazy. After we get all packed up we go to pick up my friend Taylor, that goes pretty smoothly, and all the while we manage to stay right on time. Woo! The drive up there was pretty easy, nothing to bad. Once we get we set up camp, yada, yada, and have lunch, sandwiches. after we get camp set up, my parents and sister sleeping in the yurt, me and Taylor in a tent, we get the boat launched. Well my dad dose, I don't remember what I was doing, probably eating. Anyways, once the boat is out there we get in it and me and Taylor go tubing, I'm not gonna lie, i let go after only about 3 minutes on the tube cause my shoulder started hurting, and after that I was done for the day. Once i was back in the boat my 2 cousins Tawny and Shannae got on the tube. They were on for a lot longer. After that I went back to camp, got a snack, and just sat around the rest of the night. When we were trying to go to sleep, Taylor said "let's switch position's" and my aunt Mindy (she was in a tent right next to us) started laughing her head off! After she started everyone else (except Taylor) started laughing as well, and it kept going with more jokes that i can't remember for about another half hour and everyone tryed to go to sleep. Of course I was still laying there for a while, what with my sleeping problems and all, for about an hours and fell asleep. When Midnight came around I was awakened by some yelling, no, more like screaming. I guess there was a fight between a girl and her husband, and man was she mad! She was swearing like there was no tomorrow, every other word that came out of her mouth was the F-word, it was kinda funny really. About at 2 the cops pulled up and arrested her saying that if shes gonna drink that she needs to learn to control her intake level. After that was over I was up for about another hour then I fell asleep. The next morning I got up took Dodger for a little walk so he could go and waited for everyone else to wake up. For some reason I was one of the last to fall asleep and one of the first to wake up, weird huh? Anyways, we had breakfast, and I wasn't feeling that good, I'm guessing not enough sleep so i stayed in the yurt for a while trying to sleep but couldn't so at about 2 my mom came to check on me and we were just sitting around, my mom on her phone, when I look up and I see 3 motorcycles driving pretty fast and I remember thinking to myself "if they don't slow down they're gonna wreck going around that corner." And as I'm watching them go around the corner I'm counting 1, 2... And the third one wrecks! It crashed, slid about 10 to 20 feet and stoped. It was kinda hard to see from where I was but I could see that some bicyclists stoped to make sure the person on the bike was OK. they tryed to get some attention by waving and trying to get cars to stop but no one would stop! It was about the 4Th car that went by that stoped, the 4Th! And so we're waiting to see what will happen and it takes like 15 minutes for help to get there and it's not even an ambulance. After about another 30 minutes an ambulance finally gets there. 45 minutes, can't get much worse huh? Well the ambulance isn't going anywhere after about 40 minutes so my mom thinks the rider is dead but we were talking to my uncle Scott and he thinks that the person wasn't hurt to bad so that was good. The rest of the day went by with people taking turns on the boat, lounging on the beach, and make fun of what Taylor had said the night before. That night, Taylor manged to say "you go this way and I'll go this way." Surprisingly Mindy started laughing again, as did everyone else. It took me about half an hour to fall asleep that night and I was very happy about how fast I fell asleep! The next morning we got up, got a lot of our stuff cleaned up and waited for breakfast, and waited, and waited. I'm kidding, sorta, we did wait for a while but not to long. After we got done with breakfast we got launched the boat, taking my family, Taylor, and a few cousins. We put Taylor and Shannae on the tube for what we called, "The Tube Off!" The point was to stay on as long as they could. Shannae fell off and as she was falling she was holding on up-side-down for about 2 or 3 seconds before letting go, and when we got turned around to pick her up she screams at the top of her lounges, "I WANT A REMATCH!!!" So she got back on, and this time she won. When we pulled Taylor out of the water he said something like "I saved her life and she pushes me off!" Turns out this was true. We were watching the video of it and as she was falling off he grabbed her life jacket and pulled her back on, and the rest of the time she is slowly nudging him off. It was very entertaining! After that I got off so other people could have a turn, and hung out with Taylor. Around 1:30sh we started packing to leave, we finished about 15 after. The ride home was pretty nice except one part, there was an accident. Not a bad one, it didn't look like anyone was hurt but the car had broken an axle. Scary. The rest of the ride home was fine, thankfully. We get home and my mom and I are watching the dogs out side and I feel something in my hair, and I tell me mom and it stings me! I'm telling my mom i have a bee in my hair and its' stinging me and she runs in the house and is calling for my dad. Can't say I blame her for running though, she is allergic to bee stings. So my dad comes out and he grabs it out of my hair, very brave of him! Hows that for a welcoming home gift?!? After I get inside my dads telling me it was a wasp not a bee. So I take some medicine and take a shower to wash my hair out. After I get out of the shower, I try to look at it and you know what I see? A stinger is stuck in my head, so it was a bee. I got the stinger out and now it just itches a little bit, so you know, no big deal.
Well I think that's everything, pretty fun, very tiring, and full of stuff to blog about!


kimb said...

Thanks for covering our weekend camping trip so thoroughly... now I don't have to :)

Sorry you got stung, and sorry I just ran away in your time of need.

Hola I'm Jeff said...

Awesome blog. Great weekend