Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not Every Day

There are some things that just don't happen every day. Well today I had something happen to me that I would never have been able to guess. Today my good friend derrick that I have not seen or talked to in over 5 years because he moved to Florida, was standing in my driveway. No I'm not kidding. I'm sitting on our couch playing a game when the doorbell rings, The dogs start barking so Kaylee runs out to see who it is, she doesn't know them. So i answer the door, and guess whose there. Nope not derrick, but his 2 younger sisters. As soon as I see them I'm pretty much in shock. She tells derrick to come over and now I'm really in shock. I mean when dose stuff like this happen? Anyways, he was in shock too, I guess if you go with out seeing someone for about 5 years they change a lot. His voice is way deep, he also said mine was too lol. After we all got done saying hello to each other we had to say bye, 'cause he had to go home. I gave him my cellphone number and we're probably gonna hang out this week. I was pretty freaked out 'cause yesterday I had this really weird feeling that I was gonna see him soon, I mean it just felt like it you know?
That's him in the white shirt... Sorry about the picture, its the best I can find lol.
Also my uncle Devin had his second baby today, so that's pretty cool.

Well that's all I have to post about, interesting day!


kimb said...

It was a one in a million day!