Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well as I'm sure most of you know I'm re-building a go-cart! It's been sitting out side in the garden for about 4 years? It all started last week when I told my mom that I didn't want to be bored that day, so she told me to get that old go-cart out and work on it. So I get it out and it is so dirty! After I get done squirting it off, I try taking the engine off but the chain wouldn't budge, so I have to get a screwdriver and pry it off the engine. After I get that done I start taking it apart, and man, is it dirty! I mean I have already squirted it off but I guess since it's been sitting out there so long the dirt has practically become rock. Anyways I start taking it apart, and there are some bolts that just won't come loose, so I had to find a "cheater bar" but the only thing i could find was a Base Ball Bat with a hole in the top. Probably not my safest idea of the week, but everything worked out just fine, I only got pinched on my finger. After getting that taken care of I start taking the carburetor off and everything on it is so stiff, I could hardly move the choker. So I use some WD-40 to try and loosen it up a bit, it hardly loosens up at all. After that my back starts hurting really badly so I decide to take a break. I don't work on it for the next 2 or 3 days. When I do start my dad decides he wants to help me so he gives me some advice and puts the carburetor in gasoline to clean it, and we go buy a new spark plug, and by the time we get home its dark out so there's not really that much I could do, besides put the spark plug in the engine, that night. I go about 3 more days before working on it again, and by then the carburetor has been sitting in the gas for so long that I figure it must be pretty clean, so I put the whole thing together and I decide that I should try to start it. Keep in mind that this hasn't been started in over 4 years. I pull on it and... Nothing. So I keep pulling on it and still nothing. After maybe 10 trys it starts! Woo! After that it stays started for a few seconds and dies, and I am REALLY excited! After that I decide to be done for the day. And today I started painting it. I'm going to do the body a glossy black with red but I haven't decided whether to do racing stripes or what? (Input would be greatly appreciated!) The frame is an awesome Matte black, and the seat is red.

I'll be sure to put pictures on when it's done!


kimb said...

It was a very ambitious project to take on! It's looking so much better though... don't you think?

Hola I'm Jeff said...

It is looking good. I think a red stripe or 2 would look good.