Sunday, June 1, 2008

Movie time

For home school my mom decided it would be a good idea to read the book: To Kill a Mocking Bird. I personally thought that it was a great book! After we finished reading it my dad got it from Net Flicks, not as good as the book. still really good though. I guess there were just a few lines in the books i was hoping to hear. My favorite line was when Scout gets mad at her cousin for calling her dad a "Nig@# lover," and having made a promise to her dad not to fight yells out, "you damn morfidite!" I was kinda disappointed that they didn't put that in the movie but over all it was a good movie. We also watched the movie Monty Python and the Holly Grail. So funny! My favorite scene would either be the one where King Arther is fighting the Black night, where he meets the Knights who say "Ni," or the Killer Rabbit. Really funny movie, probably one of the better comedy's out there. We also saw the new Indiana Jones movie. In my opinion it was not the best Indiana Jones movie, (keep in mind that this is coming from a long time Indiana Jones fan) but still pretty good. The special effects could have been better, and the plot was pretty weird. I won't give anything away in case any of you haven't seen it, but i say if you get bored then go see it! Just don't build it up to be as good as the older ones. Well that's all the new movies I've seen in the past few days.

Hope you enjoyed!


kimb said...

I agree with everything you posted... I liked the book better than the movie, I thought Indiana Jones was lacking, and the humor of Monty Python stands the test of time.

Hola I'm Jeff said...

12 Angry men tonight!

grannybringhurst said...

Wow! To Kill A Mockingbird. That is a great book. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

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