Friday, November 21, 2008


It sucked! I can't believe how bad it was, it didn't fallow the book at all, and I'm totally kidding! I thought the movie was really pretty good, it did in fact fallow the book really well, the actors/actresses played their parts very well, and over all it was a good, well made movie. I wouldn't say it was nearly as good as the book, but still good. Honestly, I didn't think it would turn out to well, the adds on TV made it seem like everything would be over exaggerated, and the running and fast parts were a bit over the top, but they could have done WAY worse. Again I was very happy that the director stayed true to the book, that was probably the best part for me 'cause I REALLY dislike movies that go away from the book they're based upon, it really ruins the movie. Anyways all, in all, a good movie and I would recommend anyone to see it, even if they haven't read the book before. My dad did have trouble understanding the movie but we could tell him everything 'cause we, (we being my mom, sister and I) all know how the books go so it all worked out.
Go see it!


Jenifer said...

Glad you liked it, I understand it follows the book really well.