Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Noises Off

Is a play my mom sister and I went to see today at the Pioneer Theater, it's said to be one of the most hilarious plays ever made, unfortunately, I wouldn't know. We took the trax today 'cause my mom HATES to have to drive downtown! At first we almost miss it, not a good way to start things off. We finally get to the place where we have to switch over to get to the theater, and we're waiting there for a long time. Well, it just seemed longer 'cause none of us really dressed for the cold, I mean, I was in shorts! Yep, I'm crazy! Anyways we're waiting there for about 20 minutes...? And finally the train arrives, but there are a lot of people trying to get on, so there's a lot of pushing and shoving and I'm not the kinda person to push people out of my way, so my mom and sister step on the trax but as I'm about to the doors close. Crap! Now it's not a big deal to me but I was sure that my mom would be worried, so I called her to tell her I was alright, and she doesn't seemed to worried but she tells me that Kays is scared to death for me, so i talk to her and tell her that I'm OK, I don't know if it helped that much though. After that my mom tells me theres a train coming in about 10 minutes so I sit down and wait. Maybe 7 minutes after that my dad calls, well, he tried calling me but I didn't hear it 'cause it was loud, and I check my phone and see that he had called me and then he calls me again but my stupid phone decides it needs to restart for some reason, weird right? and my dad trys calling me AGAIN while its restarting and after it's done I call him back, he asks if he needs to pick me up, I say i don't care, i can just take the next train but he said he would come pick me up so I say OK. After telling him where to pick me up, he is looking for me and can't see me, he keeps asking him where I am and guess what... I'm right in front of him! Lol. I had pulled my hood over my head try to keep warm, and he didn't know it was me. So i get in the car, and we pick up my mom and sister 'cause my sister is so upset she doesn't want to see the play anymore. So we go back to where my dad works on Wednesdays, get bored, And head out to get something to eat. Rumbi is what we ended up with, I got the tofu dish with brown rice, kinda a health freak. =) After we got our food, went back to pick up my dad and went home. And now I'm posting about it, my mom is done with her's, lucky for me it's not a race! I know she has a better title though, blogging is her life after all! Or at least a big part of it.
Well that's my day! Bye!


Kim Bringhurst said...

Pretty much sums it up :)

It's good to be home though.

Jenifer said...

bummer you had to miss the play. I hope you get another chance to see it!