Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well I can't seem to find anything to post about so i guess I'll just update all of you to my life!
Life is pretty good right now, nothing to complain about except my back, (like always) and my sore legs. My leg are sore because I played kick ball for the first time in my life on Monday! Woo! I played it with some other homeschoolers like me and had a really good time, but the day after I found out that I am WAY out of shape 'cause my legs hurt so bad. Anyways, like I said in an earlier post I have started playing my guitar a lot more, and now I think I'm finally starting to get good! But i only play on 4 stings so far he he, so I'm not great but I'm getting there!

Well that's about all of the cool stuff going on in my life, not that much huh? Ha ha well hope you enjoyed!


Hola I'm Jeff said...

You had better start working out those legs so you will be ready for wakeboarding.

Jenifer said...

you've never played kick ball????? That's cool about the guitar, can't wait to hear you play in Moab!

kimb said...

I can see I suck at teaching phys. ed! You should bring your guitar and your amp to Moab... I bet everyone at our campground would love that!