Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Vacation

Anyone seen that movie? Probably one of the best movies I've ever seen. Anyways for my Christmas vacation my family and I went to Gilbert, Arizona. I know it has been a little while since Christmas but i just didn't get around to post anything, some people might say it's because I'm lazy but I think it was because it took me a while to get back on track. Well my Christmas vacation was alright, I did get bored though but that's alright because it was also fun because we did a lot of fun stuff. You might be asking what, but probably not because most likely you were there with me. Unless someone is reading this that i don't know about, but hey that's good i want people reading my blog. Probably the funnest thing we did while we were down there was pick oranges, and it really was pretty fun. So that was pretty cool. And something really awesome that happened was that i found out about the new Corvette ZR1 has finally been shown to the public, and if you know me then u will know that i was obsessing about this for a long time! I'll tell u about the Corvette later. Back to my vacation, it was over all a good time and i would just like to say thanks about letting us stay with you!

Well that's about it.


kimb said...

I love picking the oranges too!

Jenifer said...

Bored?!?!? What do you mean? Just kidding. Glad you had fun!