Monday, May 26, 2008


Well as most of you know, I went to Moab, Utah for Memorial Day. It was a lot of fun.

The first day started out with my mom, sister, and I rushing around getting everything packed up, 'cause we didn't do a thing before hand. Anyways, we were rushing around getting everything done and we're letting our dogs out for the last time, and my dog Dodger is walking around the front yard! Now earlier in the day we had fixed the fence so he wouldn't be able to jump over. So we put him in the backyard and I walked out to try and get him to jump over again so we can see where he is jumping over. I'm calling him and calling him and he won't jump over, so we figure it's fine to leave. The ride there's not to bad, not that boring either. Once we get there we set up camp, and say hi to everyone, drove around town, went to the City Market, then went to bed.

Day 2. We woke up, got ready for the day, you know, shower, brush teeth, that kinda stuff. After that we had breakfast at the Pancake Haus and drove around. Then scouted for places to hike, and we found a spot that was pretty cool, so my dad, sister, and I walked/ran, maybe 300 yards to ridge where we could see the trail head that we were looking for so then we walked/ran back to the truck and went back the the campground we were staying at. When we got there, our good friends and family, the Woodard's were there. Woo! After they got settled in, my dad and Nate went to go get some jeeps. The Woodard's got a red 2007 Wrangler Rubicon, and we got a yellow 2007 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. Then we went jeeping on Fins 'n Things. After that we went to hike at that trail head i talked briefly about earlier, and we walked for maybe about a mile and a half, it was a hard walk though, very steep in parts, very cool though, and kinda cold ha ha. Later that night a few of my cousins, my grandma and grandpa, and my parents, and I played a game of Fiarkle... I think that how you spell it. First time I have ever played it, I had no idea how to play and somehow, I won. Weird huh?

Day 3. Started out about like the day before, got up, shower, brush teeth, all that jazz. Once that's all over with, my dad, grandpa, uncles Scott and Nate, cousins Zack, tanner, Ryleigh, and Samantha, and I went jeeping. We went on the trail known as: Hell's Revenge! In my opinion, Hell's Revenge is the funnest trail that i have ever been on. You start off going up a hill, with cliffs on both sides, then u go through some obstacles and so on. All the while my I'm scaring the crap out of my cousin tanner by telling him how we could roll, that was hilarious. Also my grandpa is terrified, that's pretty funny as well. ;) We stop and take a rest by the obstacle known as: Tip over Challenge, and we're eating snacks and stuff and my grandpa finds some Pine Tar and decides he's gonna take it home and make some Pine Gum out of it. I'm not gonna lie, I don't want any! Lol. Once we get going again, we get to a straight part and start racing! Or something like that. Now as we're racing on a dirt road at about 45 MPH and this road is BUMPY! So we're racing and getting the crap beaten out of us and when we reach the end, my dad slows to a stop, but my uncle Nate keeps going and hits a HUGE bump and bottoms out in him jeep! (more on that later) After we get done with that, my dad calls my mom to see where everyone else is. My mom says they're all at the Arts Festival, so we head down there and when we get out my uncle Nate saw that he bent one of the shocks. Remember that bump i told you about earlier? Yeah he hit HARD! Anyways, we're at the Arts Festival and I'm hungry so my dad and I get some lunch and meet up with the rest of our family. After maybe twenty minutes we all head back to the campground. After sitting around I get a bit bored and I'm talking to my cousins Tanner and Shannae, and we decide we want to go do something, so we are walking to the pool and my dad walks up to us and asks if we want to go jeeping. YES! So we go around asking people to see if they want to go as well, not surprisingly my grandpa did not want to go. He he. So we decide we want to do the trail: 7 Mile Rim. It starts off driving up to a Mesa and as we're driving up, my dad notices that Nate isn't behind us. So we're waiting for him to show up and after about ten minutes we turn around and go back down. After a little while we see them driving away and my dad blairs on the horn and they stop. We catch up and Nate shows my dad that the bent shock is totally broken! That means we have to go back, we're all a bit disappointed about that, as you can imagine. So we go back to the campground and my dad asks all of us if we want to do Fins n Things so we say yes and we go up there. When we get there, there's a huge group of jeeps, maybe 20 and they're moving slowly. So we drive to the end and do this obstacle, which is fun, but short. After that we go back to see if that group of jeeps is gone, turns out they're still at the beginning. So we go back to the campground, and by that time we're all really hungry so my family and the Woodard's go to Eddie McStiff's for dinner, really good pizza there! Then we went to the T-shirt shop, I didn't get anything but my sister did! After that we all just hung out and went to bed.

Day 4. Started out the same as the past few days. After doing the morning stuff, we went to breakfast at a place we have never been to before called: Smitty's Golden Steak, I think. Mostly it was pretty good, I was in a picky mood like always he he, so I got the french toast. It tasted pretty good and only cost about 3 bucks. Bonus! after breakfast we went back to camp and decided we wanted to go on a hike, so round up a few people and went on a hike called: Mill Creek Cannyon, er... I think that's what it was called. It was beautiful! The hike is about 3 miles from where we started to where we ended. Really fun hike. Not a good hike to do if it's cold though 'cause you have to walk through the water, but that makes it great for a warm day! The hike being over, we were all really tired and really hungry, so some of us went to (drum roll please!) Pasta Jay's! They are probably the BEST restaurant anywhere! I and 3 other people at our table got Gnocchi. What is Gnocchi you ask? It's a red potato dumpling, very tasty, and everyone got it in their creamy pesto sauce. Best pesto anywhere. Period! Being done with dinner, we went to the huge sand dune about a mile out of town. we brought some sleds down so we could go sledding, it started out slowly 'cause the sand was really bumpy. But after a we got a smooth trail we were speeding down! Samantha was probably the fastest, as soon as she lifted up her feet she just flew down that hill! We also built a jump, the landings didn't hurt as much as you might think. By the time it was over we were all covered in sand from head to toe. I think pretty much everybody took a shower. After that we all went to get ice cream at our favorite ice cream spot, Kaleidoscooes! That night a few people got together to plat Apples to Apples, I won the first round and pretty much sucked the rest of the time! Lol. After that we all went to bed.

Day 5. Our last day started out the same as every. After getting all ready for the day, we packed all our stuff in about 20 minutes, pretty good huh? When we got done we went to see the Woodard's, we talked for a bit and left to get some breakfast. We stopped at the Jailhouse Cafe, but there was a 45 minute wait so we went to the Moab Diner. We waited maybe 10 minutes to get in, and once in, they sat us and the Woodard's at different tables. Then we waited maybe 25 to 30 minutes for our food. So I guess we probably should have just went to the Jailhouse Cafe, but oh well, the food was still good. After we finished we said goodbye and left. The ride home went by really fast. For home school we have been reading To Kill a Mocking Bird, so we finished the book and before we knew it, we were home!

Well that's the longest post I have ever done and probably will ever do, hope I was descriptive enough!


kimb said...

Wow! Brit, you don't have to write any reports or essays for the rest of the year! Great description of our trip... can I just link to yours and save myself the trouble of blogging the trip?

Hola I'm Jeff said...

Great Blog. Very descriptive. Good job.